Camera API for Qualisperm Software

Impuls Bildanalyse GmbH has developed a camera software component for swiss company Biophos AG, which is used in their QualiSperm application.

Biophos develops the automated sperm quality analyzer QualiSperm for assessing male fertility in both humans and animals.

Biophos has developed a new outstanding technology to analyze sperm quality in an accurate, fast and cost-effective way.

The proprietary semen analysis system of Biophos is based on a fundamentally different technology rendering very accurate and reproducible results clearly outperforming the current computerized semen analysis systems on the market. The technology bases on statistical analysis of fluctuation, which is also used by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS). It is patented and an integrated component of the Biophos software.

Impuls has developed the camera integration and image display software component for the QualiSperm software. Since sperm motility is based on measurement of speed, an accurate time basis based on exact control of the camera frame rate was one goal of the camera integration.