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    di-soric Imaging GmbH & Co. KG is a software development company specializing in Image Processing and Computer Vision.

    di-soric Imaging develops software of the highest value in the fields of industrial Machine Vision and scientific Image Analysis. The outstanding products and services help customers to execute their projects faster and become more profitable and efficient.

    Clients are industrial businesses and scientific institutions. They understand the value of digital imaging and are ready to explore it in their projects, products and services, but they find it challenging to start from scratch.

    di-soric Imaging is in a unique position to help its clients, because it has accumulated experience, expertise and competence during the more than 20 years it has been executing machine vision and image processing projects. The high-performance imaging software has been written from the ground up and has matured in numerous projects.

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  • Address di-soric Imaging GmbH & Co. KG
    Schlingener Straße 4
    D-86842 Türkheim
    Germany, European Union
    Phone +49 8245 7749600
    Fax +49 8245 7749601
    Managing Directors Peter Schregle, Peter Eisemann, Stefan Eisemann
    Court Registry Amtsgericht Memmingen
    HRA 13182
    Komplementärin di-soric Imaging Verwaltungs GmbH
    Schlingener Straße 4
    D-86842 Türkheim
    Amtsgericht Memmingen
    HRB 17710
    Responsible for Contents Peter Schregle
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