The visual development environment
for industrial image processing

  • Time constraints and high complexity are central problems for our users in their image processing projects. The swiftness and ease of use of nVision, with its individual customisation options, make it the right solution. The software convinces with its pioneering, intuitive, visually pleasing user interface and its reliability.

    A manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in the field of electronic image processing stands behind it: Impuls Imaging GmbH.

    The all-round software is used in the fields of industrial machine vision and scientific image analysis. The excellent price/performance ratio convinces many companies in a wide variety of industries. In addition, we also guide you in feasibility analysis, take on project implementation and support you even after the end of your project with service and further development.

    The themes of our services reach from visualisation in the scientific field through interactive image analysis systems to fully automated machine vision applications, e.g. part inspection, counting, measuring, barcode and matrix code decoding and OCR (optical character reading).

    Your projects are quicker, more feasible and thus both more efficient and more profitable with nVision.

    • Localizing
      The positioning of components is crucial for many machine vision applications. Components cannot always be accurately positioned mechanically, so the image processing must compensate for the position. Component feeding can be readjusted with the results of the position correction or further inspection tools can be controlled. The tools for measurement and position correction can work more accurately if a calibration of the camera system, including the optics, is carried out.
    • Identifying
      The tracking of components is one of machine vision’s core tasks. To this end, markings of components must be recognised, texts must be transcribed into plain text and barcodes and matrix codes must be decoded.
    • Checking
      Component checking is an important task for machine vision systems. A multitude of characteristics can be verified with image processing: completeness, dimensional accuracy, colour, surface quality. Increase quality standards effortlessly in your production with nVision.
    • Measuring
      Lengths, angles and surfaces in 2D and 3D can be effortlessly measured with calibrated machine vision systems. Thanks to our algorithms, which are precise to a fraction of a pixel, you can achieve the required accuracy and reduce tolerances in your production. Alongside the geometric dimensions, the image processing can also measure the densitometric value depending on the brightness or colour.


    • Modern user interface
    • Easy, intuitive operation
    • Simple handling
    • Best performance
    • Broad repertoire of functions
    • Guarantees the solvability of applications
    • Time saving = reduction in time to market
    • Less development time and lower maintenance costs
    • Support for a variety of cameras
    • Easy integration into automated devices
    • Individual maintenance and support services
    • Live data processing
    • Automation of your application
    • All pixel calculations monochrome or colour
    • Barcode and data matrix identification
    • Completeness checking
    • Interactive measuring
    • Text recognition (OCR, OCV)
    • Pattern recognition
    • Surface inspection
    • Position recognition and robot guidance
    • Print inspection
    • Colour detection/colour processing