Professional Software for Computer Vision

    • Interactive Image Analysis to be used with the laboratory and in scientific institutions.
    • Automatic Image Processing for industrial Machine Vision.
    • groundbreaking
    • intuitive
    • functional



nVision has a lot to offer, here is just a short introduction:



Seminal, intuitive, engaging user interface on basis of WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation): Simple usage, which unlocks itself by playing with it. It is fun to work with.
Support of native 64 bit code: Very big images and large amounts of data can be processed easily.
Parallelized and vectorized algorithms: Highest possible performance when functions are executed.
Broad function repertoire: Simple and also complex applications can be solved easily.

The advantage for the user is clear: the modern user interface doesn’t need much pratice or training and is self-explanatory in many areas. It is fun to solve one’s tasks in an easy manner. The power of modern multi-core CPUs is fully used for fast processing with short cycle-times. The broad functionality gives security and solvability of applications.

The time-to-market will be shortened rigorously: two weeks spent with a traditional approach are shortened to two days when using nVision!