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    is a software development company specializing in Image Processing and Computer Vision.

    Our software nVision features the comprehensive development of machine vision applications through consequent usage of graphical dataflow programming.

    The advantage for our customers is the easy, rapid and cost-effective realization of their projects.



    63. Heidelberger Bildverarbeitungsforum
    Bildverarbeitung und Robotik
    Vision 2016
    Messe Stuttgart
    Booth 1 C11
    8.11. – 10.11.2016

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    is a graphical development software for industrial image processing. User’s save themselves programming with an imaging SDK and solve their task in shorter time by simple combination of components.

    nVision supplies a big number of buiding blocks for image acquisition and processing. All camera manufacturers of industrial cameras (GenICam, GigE Vision and USB3 Vision) are supported. The software offers fast and multi-core accelerated functions, like filters, morphological functions, segmentation, pattern matching and color processing. Additional tools like particle analysis, metrology (gauging), OCR (optical character recognition) as well as barcode and matrixcode decoding support machine vision.




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