Biophos Updates CameraAPI

Swiss company Biophos AG, maker of the QualiSperm systems for automated animal and human sperm fertility analysis has updated their software with the new CameraAPI from Impuls Bildanalyse GmbH. The CameraAPI is software custom made for Biophos AG that provides real-time image acquisition from a variety of cameras, as well as life display of images with graphical information overlays.

The new version of the CameraAPI uses Direct2D as the graphics technology that is used for display. Since Direct2D is hardware accelerated this offloads work from the CPU and moves it to the GPU. As a consequence, the CPU load is much smaller, allowing it to do other, more important work.

In addition, the CameraAPI is now additionally available in a 64 bit version, providing Biophos AG with an upgrade path to Windows 7, 64 bit.