Frame Grabber Support

Impuls Pickup supports a variety of third-party frame-grabbers and digital cameras through its device independent acquisition layer.

You can perform single snapshots as well as continuous acquisition. To increase the image quality of noisy image sources, an averaging acquisition mode is provided. The following products are guaranteed to be supported:

Matrix Vision manufactures a complete line of frame-grabbers to connect to frame-cameras or line-scan cameras, as well as cameras. The complete product line is supported.
The Matrox Meteor, Meteor II and Pulsar frame-grabbers are supported.
PCO manufactures a range of high-performance digital cameras. The complete camera line is supported.
Data Translation manufactures a complete range of frame-grabbers. The DT3152, DT3153, DT3154, DT3155 and DT3157 frame-grabbers are supported.
The FlashBus and FlashPoint frame-grabbers are supported.
The DFG-LC1 frame-grabber is supported.
TWAIN is a standard to connect scanners and digital cameras to a PC. Through the TWAIN32 interface many scanners and digital cameras from a variety of vendors are supported.