Newsletter 2016/1

Dear prospects and customers,

nVision 2016.1 is ready, the new release of the easy-to-use and graphically programmable machine vision software. Using nVision you can create machine vision applications by applying simple tools very quickly, and when needed you can resort to the built-in graphical programming for extended flexibility. Besides many improvements, we have integrated full support for the Imago Technologies VisionBox Industrial PCs and for the liquid lenses of Optotune in nVision 2016.1. Check nVision out now!

  • Imago Technologies VisionBox

    The VisionBox of Imago Technolgies is a compact and modular industrial PC with interfaces targeted to machine vision systems. Up to four GigE or USB3 cameras can be connected directly. In addition, the VisionBox has an integrated LED strobe controller, a trigger generator, digital I/O connections as well as a connector for rotary encoders to connect line scan cameras. The VisionBox can be extended with ProfiNet and other field busses.


    The VisionBox PCs are entirely integrated into nVision. Imago Technologies provides a complete high-level language SDK, which has been made available in the graphical programming language of nVision.

  • Optotune Liquid Lenses

    Focus can be changed continuously and quickly with the liquid lenses of Optotune. Driving the liquid lens is completely integrated into nVision  and allows control within graphical programs. Applications of liquid lenses are quality control, code-reading or measuring, among many others.


    One or multiple lenses are moved along the optical axis to focus a conventional objective. The required guides and motors limit the overall size, response time, robustness and durability. Changing the radius of the liquid lens by a few micrometers has the same optical effect as moving a lens by some centimeters, which is responsible for the quick response times of a few milliseconds only. The liquid lenses can be mounted between camera and objective or also in front of the objective.

  • Roadshow in April

    The Machine Vision Roadshow last year in September was a full success.


    We plan to repeat it in calendar weeks 14/15. Prospects can inform themselves on site easily and comfortable because of the reversed logistics of the roadshow. A modern truck with all components of a machine vision system could stop in your vicinity. Experts are available to answer your questions for each single component. Additional stops at your site are still possible. Please contact us, if you are interested that the truck stops at your site.

If image processing or machine vision are part of your tasks, you should have a look at the modern approach of nVision: you solve your vision tasks faster and it saves your money! Read more on our website or request an evaluation version. We are convinced that you will immediately benefit from using nVision.
On behalf of the whole team I’m sending you friendly greetings


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