VisionBox AGE-X supported by nVision

nVision release 2016.1 supports the VisionBox AGE-X made by Imago Technologies. The VisionBox is a compact and modular industrial PC with interfaces targeted to machine vision systems. Multiple GigE or USB3 cameras can be connected directly. In addition, the VisionBox has an integrated LED strobe controller, a trigger generator, digital I/O connections as well as a connector for rotary encoders to connect line scan cameras. The VisionBox can be extended with ProfiNet and other field busses.


The VisionBox PCs are entirely integrated into nVision. Image Technologies provides a complete high-level language SDK, which has been reproduces in the graphical programming language of nVision.


Here is a simple example that shows how a single bit can be set on a digital output:


In this example the input is graphically connected with a GUI button; in a real application the required value would be calculated by an algorithm in the graphical program and connected accordingly.