nVision connection to Beckhoff TwinCAT 3

Türkheim, September 2014: Version 2014.4 of nVision and later feature a connection to Beckhoff TwinCAT 3. Via TwinCAT 3 machine vision applications created in nVision can communicate with the IEC 61131-3 compatible PLC, and machines can be connected to and automated with vision systems very easily. One one side, a Beckhoff PLC can react on events originating within the vision system, on the other side the machine vision application can be controlled from the PLC. Users can realize data exchange between the machine vision application and the PLC in an easy manner. Since nVision is programmed graphically, there is no need to understand high level language programming.


TwinCAT 3 users can integrate image processing modules by using the nVision Runtime into the PLC, like any other device. Considerable training effort is omitted. Symbols that are defined in the TwinCAT 3 Software are available within nVision. The vision application can access the symbols by name and the communication is self documenting this way. With further Beckhoff components, like ruggedized industry PCs, embedded PCs, bus terminals and different field busses (like EtherCAT, ProfiBus and many others) the whole automation world is open to be used, up to drive technology and robotics..

The nVision machine vision tools allow it to localize parts, identify them, check them and measure them. Dependent on the results of the optical control, the machine PLC can react to sort our defective parts from the production pipeline or feed them to rework.

In applications, where no PLC will be used, but communication with the outside world is still necessary, communcation modules from Advantech or Data Translation are available. The different modules can input or output electrical signals, or switch potential free contacts. The hardware modules are connected via USB or Ethernet ports.

In the spirit of the nVision philosophy, the integration of the various ways of communication is simply, easy to understand and usable. There is no shortage on complex solutions in the field of image processing: with nVision it is different: simple and easy. Try it out!