Newsletter 2015/4

Dear prospects and customers,

the new version nVision 2015.4 machine vision development software has been released. nVision lets you create machine vision applications using simple tools. nVision 2015.4 has many new features and improvements. ChecknVision out now! It has webcam support and can load image files, so that you don’t need to buy an expensive industrial camera for your first evaluation steps.

  • Ease of Use
    nVision makes machine vision easy by providing simple tools that are applied with a single click. Many tasks can be solved this way, which is incredibly quick. All steps of a typical machine vision task can be carried out with the tools. They are kept simple by intent, to ensure that they are quick to learn and use.
  • Flexibility
    Since the tools are created with a graphical dataflow-based language, they can be modified by any user without specific programming or image processing expert know-how. We invite you to explore nVision. You will learn very quickly by using it, because any parameter change or structural dataflow change will be visualized instantly. This will turn you into a vision expert in very short time, no coding required.
  • Extensibility
    Any function from a .NET assembly can be called from a graphical pipeline. This gives you utmost flexibility in extending nVision, because any custom algorithm or any special hardware can be integrated into your system this way.

We are convinced that ease of use, flexibility and extensibility are very important and that you will immediately benefit from them. This is the reason, why we work very hard and strive to improve nVision every day.

If you are working in the field of image processing or machine vision, you should check out the modern approach of nVision: you solve your vision tasks faster and it saves you money! Don’t take out word for it: visit our, read the nVision Quick Start Guide (the important things on one page only) or request an evaluation version.

On behalf of the whole team I’m sending you friendly greetings

P e t e r  S c h r e g l e
Geschäftsführer / CEO

Impuls Imaging GmbH