• office

    New Office Provides Space to Grow

    Impuls Bildanalyse GmbH moved into new office space in 2010. Impuls has been in their old office for more than 10 years, but we have finally outgrown the space. The new office has been found in a quiet area, which provides the necessary surrounding for high quality software development. Yet, visitors can reach the office […]

  • mvBlueFox

    Impuls Software Supports mvBlueFox

    The Impuls applications now support the mvBlueFOX USB camera. For the first time hi-quality hi-speed cameras in an exceptional small casing can be connected to the Impuls image processing and image analysis applications. The mvBlueFOX is an industrial camera with a hi-speed USB interface (USB 2.0) in a compact case. The camera supports various progressive […]

  • firmenschild

    Company Profile

    Impuls Bildanalyse GmbH offers Image Processing and Analysis software. Impuls Bildanalyse GmbH creates products for scientific image processing and image analysis as well as machine vision on the PC. The products are sold worldwide to end users as well as OEMs, VARs and system houses that create customized solutions around the Impuls products. Impuls Bildanalyse […]

  • gymnasium

    Monitoring of Wide-Span Roofs

    Impuls Bildanalyse GmbH has carried out a project monitoring the roof structure of a gymnasium near the German alps, where heavy loads of snow may affect the safety of the building. The project has been jointly carried out with the Technical University Munich and the University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe. The topic came into the […]

  • sperm

    Camera API for Qualisperm Software

    Impuls Bildanalyse GmbH has developed a camera software component for swiss company Biophos AG, which is used in their QualiSperm application. Biophos develops the automated sperm quality analyzer QualiSperm for assessing male fertility in both humans and animals. Biophos has developed a new outstanding technology to analyze sperm quality in an accurate, fast and cost-effective […]

  • megapie

    Impuls Helps Improve Safety

    A vision system developed by Impuls Bildanalyse GmbH for the Paul Scherrer Institute helps to improve the safety of the MEGAPIE liquid metal target for neutron production (spallation source). With this type of set-up, an improper intensity distribution of the incident proton beam can damage the liquid metal container inside the target as well as […]

  • mvBlueCougar

    GigE Comes to Impuls Vision

    With version 6.2, Impuls Vision supports the mvBlueCOUGAR GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) camera. The mvBlueCOUGAR is a compact industrial camera. The Gigabit Ethernet interface transfers high data rates over long distances using inexpensive standard network parts. Several CCD and CMOS sensors – grayscale or color – are available, all delivering superior image quality.

  • blobanalysis

    Vision XXL

    Vision is a versatile image processing and analysis system for the Microsoft Windows platform. It is built on top of a powerful image processing library, which is in widespread use in life science and in machine vision applications. Vision is an interactive shell built on top of the image processing and image analysis SDK. It […]

  • vision

    Vision XXL Technical Data

    Objects Image Width and Height up to 65,536 pixels Unlimited number of bands for multi-channel images Unlimited volumetric depth for image slices Unlimited duration for image sequences (film stripes) All data types supported View graphically, numerically, or in various 3D modes Palette 8 to 16 Bit in; 8 to 16 Bit out Unlimited number of […]


    Vision SDK

    The Vision SDK has been sold to Matrix Vision. Matrix Vision continues to develop and sell it under their brand name mvIMPACT. Please visit to learn more about the mvIMPACT-SDK and download a free version.