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    Lens Mounts

    C-Mount lenses are among the most common lenses used in machine vision. A C-Mount lens has a male thread, which fits in the female thread of the camera. The diameter is 1 in, with 32 threads per inch. The flange – focal distance is 17.526 mm. CS-Mount is also used often. A CS-Mount lens has […]

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    The Most Important Algorithm in Computer Vision

    During my 25 years in the image processing software field, one algorithm has appeared over and over again. It has surfaced in obvious places, but also in projects and tasks where you wouldn’t have thought of in the first place.

    If I would be asked the question…

    What is the single most important algorithm in image processing?

    … I certainly would have an easy answer.

  • BauingenieurMai2013

    Monitoring Buildings with Digital Image Processing

    An article about our monitoring system for buildings has been published in the german magazine “Bauingenieur”. Digital image processing was applied to develop a simple, robust and economical measuring system for detecting deformations in building structures. Selected points of the structure are captured by electronic cameras at regular intervals and their position is measured in […]

  • inspection

    In Shortest Time

    The printing plate inspection system is featured in the actual QZ magazine from May 2013. You can read the full article here.

  • wcte

    Monitoring System Presented in Auckland

    Prof. Dr. Stefan Winter, of LMU Munich, presented the monitoring system in Auckland during the World Conference on Timber Engineering. The conference paper “Digital Image Processing in the Monitoring of Wide-Span Timber Roof Structures” can be downloaded here.

  • interview

    Interview With Peter Schregle

    Inspect, the leading machine vision magazine in Germany carried out an interview with Peter Schregle, managing director of Impuls Bildanalyse GmbH. The interview was published in Inspect 6, the edition for the Vision show 2012  in Stuttgart. The full interview can be read here.

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    Precise Inspection System for Printing Plates

    Manufacturing printing plates is a complex process, where defects can sneak in at the various production steps. Imperfect printing plates cause printed material of inferior quality. Since quality requirements in many areas are high and continue to rise, the consequential costs of these defects are high. Algoscan and Impuls have cooperated and developped a fully […]

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    Monitoring Roofs

    A report about our roof monitoring system has been published in “Forschung aktuell 2012″. The system is in use since two years at a gymnasium in Murnau and uses cameras to indirectly monitor the snow load on the roof. Read the complete article here.

  • biophos

    Biophos Updates CameraAPI

    Swiss company Biophos AG, maker of the QualiSperm systems for automated animal and human sperm fertility analysis has updated their software with the new CameraAPI from Impuls Bildanalyse GmbH. The CameraAPI is software custom made for Biophos AG that provides real-time image acquisition from a variety of cameras, as well as life display of images […]


    Frame Grabber Support

    Impuls Pickup supports a variety of third-party frame-grabbers and digital cameras through its device independent acquisition layer. You can perform single snapshots as well as continuous acquisition. To increase the image quality of noisy image sources, an averaging acquisition mode is provided. The following products are guaranteed to be supported:

  • pcocam

    Impuls Supports

    Impuls Bildanalyse GmbH now supports the new product line from camera manufacturer PCO AG. The different models pco.1600, pco.2000 and pco.4000 can be used in all Impuls software products, like VisComet and Vision. In addition, the camera support is available for the mvIMPACT SDK. is a cooled digital 14bit CCD camera available with […]