• nVision Video Clips

    nVision is a visual development environment to create machine vision solutions, and it’s best explained visually. We have created a set of short videos that aim to explain various topics. We hope that you will find your topic addressed. However, if you do not find what you were looking for, please let us know, and […]

  • journal

    Monitoring Buildings

    The system for building monitoring has been described in Springer’s Journal of Civil Structuring Health Monitoring. The title of the article is Use of digital image processing in the monitoring of deformations in building structures. The article describes the system in detail, which was jointly developped by TUM (Technical University Munich), HSK (High School Karlsruhe) […]

  • As Simple as a Sensor

    Simple like a sensor – powerful and flexible like a library. Machine vision users take advantage from big improvements in nVision. A set of new tools makes image based quality control easy and intuitive. Positioning, measuring, controlling features, identification: you will find tools for all tasks to solve your application in minutes. It’s as simple and […]

  • 400px-Doktorhut.svg

    Machine Vision Software für die Lehre

    Speziell für Lehrzwecke bietet Impuls Sonderkonditionen für seine Software nVision – der visuellen Entwicklungsumgebung für Bildverarbeitung. Durch seine intuitiv begreifbare grafische Programmierung nach dem Datenfluss-Prinzip und den vielen eingebauten grafischen Hilfsmitteln ist nVision besonders gut für die Lehre geeignet. In vielen technischen und wissenschaftlichen Studiengängen ist das maschinelle Sehen ein Thema geworden. Zum einen geht […]

  • beckhoff

    nVision connection to Beckhoff TwinCAT 3

    Türkheim, September 2014: Version 2014.4 of nVision and later feature a connection to Beckhoff TwinCAT 3. Via TwinCAT 3 machine vision applications created in nVision can communicate with the IEC 61131-3 compatible PLC, and machines can be connected to and automated with vision systems very easily. One one side, a Beckhoff PLC can react on […]

  • Thanks to our visitors at Control 2014

    We would like to thank all the visitors to our booth at Control 2014. This was our first participation in this international trade fair for industrial quality assurance, and we are now sure that it will not remain our last participation. Many visitors came to our booth at the Fraunhofer joint stand and had many […]

  • Code39

    Code 39 Symbology

    Code 39 has been developed by Intermec in 1974. It is sometimes called Code 3/9 or Code 3 of 9. Code 39 is a discrete alphanumeric code. The length of the code is arbitrary. The character set consists of 10 digits, 26 uppercase letters and 8 special characters. The characters are composed of narrow and […]

  • barcode

    Barcode Terminology

    Before we can talk about barcodes and make sure we all understand the same, we need a few definitions. A symbology is a set of rules to encode data within a barcode. These rules enable printing and recognition equipment to agree on the encoded contents. An element is any individual space or bar. A character […]

  • Hamming

    Hamming Codes

    The Hamming distance is a special measure of distance between two code words. It counts the number of positions where two symbols are different. For binary codes it corresponds to the number of bits that are different in two code words. The Hamming distance has uses in coding theory for error detection and correction. A […]

  • luhn_handheld

    The Luhn Algorithm

    While I was working on barcode recognition software, I suddenly realized that in many barcode symbologies, the Luhn algorithm is used for check digit creation or verification. In the barcode context it is often called “mod 10 checksum”. There is a very nice article on Wikipedia explaining the algorithm. Another particularly nice article written […]