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    nVision measures LED lights

    Büchner Lichtsysteme – manufacturer of high-performance LED lights – uses the Impuls nVision Software to measure its LED lights. The results are archived and communicated to the customer in the datasheet. The rull report is published in the printed magazine of QZ (Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit), Hanser Verlag, and a short note is published in […]

  • Anwendertag

    Vision Anwendertag

    Erlauben Sie eine Frage: Können Sie mit Gewissheit sagen, dass Ihr Bildverarbeitungswissen auf dem neuesten Stand ist? Es ist nicht leicht, neben den täglichen Aufgaben aktuelle Entwicklungen der Branche im Auge zu behalten. Damit Sie mit Ihrem Fachwissen für kommende Aufgaben gerüstet sind, veranstaltet die Impuls Imaging GmbH mit ausgewählten Partnern ein Anwenderseminar, zu dem […]

  • nVision Video Clips

    nVision is a visual development environment to create machine vision solutions, and it’s best explained visually. We have created a set of short videos that aim to explain various topics. We hope that you will find your topic addressed. However, if you do not find what you were looking for, please let us know, and […]

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    Monitoring Buildings

    The system for building monitoring has been described in Springer’s Journal of Civil Structuring Health Monitoring. The title of the article is Use of digital image processing in the monitoring of deformations in building structures. The article describes the system in detail, which was jointly developped by TUM (Technical University Munich), HSK (High School Karlsruhe) […]

  • As Simple as a Sensor

    Simple like a sensor – powerful and flexible like a library. Machine vision users take advantage from big improvements in nVision. A set of new tools makes image based quality control easy and intuitive. Positioning, measuring, controlling features, identification: you will find tools for all tasks to solve your application in minutes. It’s as simple and […]

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    Machine Vision Software für die Lehre

    Speziell für Lehrzwecke bietet Impuls Sonderkonditionen für seine Software nVision – der visuellen Entwicklungsumgebung für Bildverarbeitung. Durch seine intuitiv begreifbare grafische Programmierung nach dem Datenfluss-Prinzip und den vielen eingebauten grafischen Hilfsmitteln ist nVision besonders gut für die Lehre geeignet. In vielen technischen und wissenschaftlichen Studiengängen ist das maschinelle Sehen ein Thema geworden. Zum einen geht […]

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    nVision connection to Beckhoff TwinCAT 3

    Türkheim, September 2014: Version 2014.4 of nVision and later feature a connection to Beckhoff TwinCAT 3. Via TwinCAT 3 machine vision applications created in nVision can communicate with the IEC 61131-3 compatible PLC, and machines can be connected to and automated with vision systems very easily. One one side, a Beckhoff PLC can react on […]

  • Thanks to our visitors at Control 2014

    We would like to thank all the visitors to our booth at Control 2014. This was our first participation in this international trade fair for industrial quality assurance, and we are now sure that it will not remain our last participation. Many visitors came to our booth at the Fraunhofer joint stand and had many […]

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    Precise Inspection System for Printing Plates

    Manufacturing printing plates is a complex process, where defects can sneak in at the various production steps. Imperfect printing plates cause printed material of inferior quality. Since quality requirements in many areas are high and continue to rise, the consequential costs of these defects are high. Algoscan and Impuls have cooperated and developped a fully […]